[RFC] Ini parser

Stewart Gordon smjg_1998 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 29 05:14:31 PST 2012

On 29/02/2012 12:24, bioinfornatics wrote:
> They are all you want here:
> http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/chaoslizard/wiki/Docs/Ni/FileFormat

So it's somewhat more complex than the Windows .ini format.

What's more, it isn't compatible with the Windows .ini format, under which backslashes 
(e.g. in pathnames) are interpreted just as they are, not as escapes.

Configur8, and I guess the Windows .ini format as well, takes the view that you won't need 
to include reserved characters in section or key names, and apps that need to include them 
in values would define their own means of encoding them, thereby keeping the format simple.

I'm still not convinced that this Nickel .ini format is anything more than a format 
created for one library and that is likely to be used only by people who use that library. 
  This brings us back to the points I've already raised about implementing a standardised 
format if any.


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