LLVM Kaleidoscope tutorial to D

Jens Mueller jens.k.mueller at gmx.de
Sun Jul 8 07:31:59 PDT 2012

=?UTF-8?B?Ik1pY2hhw6ts?=.Larouche" <michael.larouche at gmail.com>"@puremagic.com wrote:
> Hey folks !
> I ported the LLVM Kaleidoscope to D if anyone is interessed.
> https://github.com/mlarouche/llvm-d-tutorial

I see that you converted LLVM's C interface to D. Can you propose this
to Deimos (https://github.com/D-Programming-Deimos)? Then others can use
it as well.
BTW is the process of converting header files to D for Deimos somewhere
summarized? http://prowiki.org/wiki4d/wiki.cgi?LanguageDevel/DIPs/DIP12
seems the only resource that guides it but difficult to find and
probably not answering all questions. It is possible to add a more
elaborate description to the github page?


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