Re-thinking D's modules

bearophile bearophileHUGS at
Wed Jul 18 02:22:42 PDT 2012

Dejan Lekic:

> I do not like few things about Jigsaw, but most of the things 
> they plan there simply make sense, especially the versioning 
> and module-restrictions, which I urge D developers to take a 
> look and come up with something similar for D2 or D3...

Keep in mind that D language seems designed for its parts to be 
minimal (this means "the simplest thing that works"), and that 
the D module system is not yet fully implementing its current 
simple design.

In past I have asked for those "Entry points" (that it's an 
unsolved problem in D), and I appreciate those "Exports". The 
versioning too seems useful.


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