Where is naming convention?

Denis Shelomovskij verylonglogin.reg at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 22:39:06 PDT 2012

30.05.2012 22:53, Alex Rønne Petersen написал:

> We're moving towards using ASCII rather than Ascii as the naming style
> for abbreviations.
> (The style rule about joining words only concerns itself with whole
> words, not abbreviations.)

Does it mean that we loose our first latter rule (capitalized for types, 
lowercased for non-types)?

fp16c -> FP16C (property)
amdMmx -> AMDMMX (property)
UtfException -> UTFException (class)
utfExceptionHandler -> UTFExceptionHandler (function)

Денис В. Шеломовский
Denis V. Shelomovskij

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