Windows 2000 support

Denis Shelomovskij verylonglogin.reg at
Tue Jun 5 00:43:34 PDT 2012

it's time to make a decision. Original comment:

So what we will do with Windows 2000? Personally I don't like this pull 
request (druntime pull 212). It makes not-very-good-looking druntime 
uglier. I'd like voting about this to be done. Something like:

1. Officially announce that minimum supported Windows version is 5.1 
(aka XP) since v2.053
   1. Add link like "Email @denis-sh to get D stuff with partial support 
for Windows 2000".
   2. Just call all Windows 2000 users dinosaurs.

2. [A bit improve and] Merge this pull and officially announce that 
Windows 2000 is partially supported.

3. Maniacally add full Windows 2000 support.

4. Leave Issue 6024 opened forever.

And from my next comment
Oh, it's few days more than a year Windows 2000 is silently unsupported!


Денис В. Шеломовский
Denis V. Shelomovskij

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