Proposal to add 'Elements of Programming' Concepts to std.traits

Guillaume Chatelet chatelet.guillaume at
Sun Jun 17 10:43:06 PDT 2012

On 06/17/12 18:41, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
> I'm surprised by such claims. I found EoP very easy to read.
> Andrei

Ok let me restate this. First, those words are originally from Stepanov
himself "This is not an easy book" is explicitly written in the inner
cover :)
Then it's not a *difficult* book if you have a mathematical background -
any engineer degree would do - but if you came to programming from a
different path, you'd probably find it queasy. I don't expect anyone in
this forum to have this background thus the disclaimer but I may be
wrong. Moreover if you intend to read it the way it's planned by the
author (doing the exercises and proving the lemmas) it's not as fun as
reading TDPL. Let's say you need to think while reading, a bit like for
'Modern C++ design'. I hope these few lines gives a more comprehensive
view of what I meant and won't discourage anyone from reading it.

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