for() with 4 arguments to allow postcondition

Jacob Carlborg doob at
Tue Jun 19 04:22:02 PDT 2012

On 2012-06-19 12:51, Michel Colman wrote:
> I have a suggestion for D (which might make it into C/C++ as
> well, but I thought D would be a more accessible place to suggest
> it):
> for(initializer; precondition; postcondition; increment)
> would allow avoiding a useless comparison before the start of the
> first iteration of a "for" loop in those cases where the
> programmer knows the loop will always iterate at least once. This
> new 4-argument version could exist alongside the old 3-argument
> version. An extra semicolon is all it would take to turn a
> precondition into a postcondition.

Isn't this what a do-while loop is for, or am I missing something?

/Jacob Carlborg

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