GDC review process.

David Nadlinger see at
Wed Jun 20 13:14:19 PDT 2012

On Wednesday, 20 June 2012 at 19:08:43 UTC, Joseph Rushton 
Wakeling wrote:
> Reading I don't have the impression 
> that the inline assembler is an optional part of the D spec or 
> not guaranteed to be available -- it's very deliberately 
> intended to be there.

… yet code is only to assume it is actually available if 
D_InlineAsm_x86 is defined?

I don't want to argue about the fact that there is certainly code 
out there which assumes inline x86 assembly to be available. My 
point was that this is _not_ like Jonathan's »auto a = 
expression« vs. »expression = a auto« example, because the 
language contains specific provisions for inline assembly not 
being available by having a standardized D_InlineAsm_x86 version 


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