LinkedList and Deque API in DCollections

Christophe Travert travert at
Thu Jun 21 08:15:38 PDT 2012

d coder , dans le message (digitalmars.D:170396), a écrit :
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>> Did you try : list.insert(list.begin, value);
> Thanks. But I believe append and prepend are too common use-cases to be
> ignored.
> Also, I see that "assert(some-expression)" has been used at a lot of places
> in the code of the libraries. Since these libraries are built with -release
> option, should these assert statements not be replaced by "enforce"?

auto append(T, V)(ref T t, V value)
  return t.insert(t.begin, value);

should do the trick.
(you may add a guard to make sure T is a container)

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