dlang.org live examples

nazriel damian at dzfl.pl
Mon Jun 25 07:43:34 PDT 2012


I am polishing up this stuff:

It would allow to run examples from http://dlang.org directly in 
Something like http://dpaste.dzfl.pl, but integrated with dlang 
website itself.

I would like to ask you about your opinions and advises.

There are couple things I can't make my mind on.

First, should standard input and command line arguments be 
constant defined in hidden html fields, or should we allow user 
to pick their own?
It would allow for more freedom and experience but on other-hand 
it would bloat too much website. Whats your opinion?

Another thing are examples itself. As you may noticed I modified 
some of em too give some experience in browser, for example, I've 
added writeln blocks in Power section.
What should we do with 'em? Examples to run properly requires 
main functions, and loads of examples doesn't have them. Should 
we adjust those examples or leave them alone? Another thing are 
examples that doesn't return or display anything.
Like assert(foo !is null); examples. Should we make them throw, 
add some writelns or leave them alone?

I would love to hear your opinion on those.

Best regards,
Damian 'nazriel' Ziemba

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