The more interesting question

Christophe travert at
Tue May 15 08:51:50 PDT 2012

deadalnix , dans le message (digitalmars.D:167404), a écrit :
> This looks to me like a bad practice. C string and D string are 
> different beasts, and we have toStringz .

C string and D string are different, but it's not a bad idea to have 
string *literals* that works for both C and D strings, otherwise using 
printf will lead to a bug each time the programmer forget the trailing 

> It is kind of dumb to create a WAT is the language because druntime dev 
> did mistakes. It have to be fixed.

You can't rely on an empty string to be null since you must be able to 
reserve place at the end of the array, and or the string could be the 
result of poping a full string.

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