[OT] Windows users: Are you happy with git?

Nick Sabalausky SeeWebsiteToContactMe at semitwist.com
Fri May 18 13:12:54 PDT 2012

The windows...*ahem*..."port" of Git actually doesn't seem buggy at all 
these days, so that's good. Seems to work just as well as it does on Linux.

However, for advanced things (like pre-commit hooks, or command options that 
take a CLI command), Git assumes bash, and while I like bash much better 
than cmd.exe I'm a bit afraid of dealing with it on Windows, and I 
definitely won't go anywhere near Git-bash. Fortunately I haven't needed to 
except to convert some of my SVN repos to Git, and for that I just used my 
linux box instead so I wouldn't have to touch Git-bash.

Even though I'm mainly a windows guy, I'm not afraid of CLI (hell, I 
literally grew up on command lines). But despite that, Git's CLI 
is...terrible, for anything even *remotely* non-trivial. And that's 
regardless of OS. 

However, I've always prefered to just use the Tortoise* tools, and 
TortoiseGit is vastly superior to TortoiseHg. So I'm overall happy with the 
choice of Git just because of TortoiseGit.

Hosting is a different story though. I'm not a huge fan of BitBucket, but 
GitHub is complete and total *shit*, even compared to BitBucket. I hate, 
hate, HATE the fucking thing. It's great in *concept*, but the problem is 
the implementation. First of all, it's buggy as hell for anyone who isn't 
addicted to absolute *MOST* "latest and *cough*greatest*cough*" browsers 
(BitBucket isn't nearly as bad in that regard). And secondly, it's 
*insanely* slow, even on "modern" browsers, and even with JS off - ( 
https://www.semitwist.com/articles/article/view/if-git-cares-about-speed-so-much... )

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