D dropped in favour of C# for PSP emulator

Alex Rønne Petersen alex at lycus.org
Wed May 30 08:43:42 PDT 2012

On 30-05-2012 17:30, Bruno Medeiros wrote:
> On 20/05/2012 15:19, Timon Gehr wrote:
>> No, you misunderstand.
>> - Time spent starting up the IDE is lost time that could be spent doing
>> something productive instead. Hardware is fast. There is simply no
>> excuse for poor start up times/poor responsiveness.
> I am not misunderstanding. No one is saying there is no value in saving
> that start up time. But you listed that as *more* important than many
> other features that actually help a lot (and thus save time a lot) when
> you code, or debug programs.
> Oh and there are excuses for poor start up times. I am not gonna explain
> them because it would get technical and long.

I'm just going to add that Visual Studio 11 can start up in less than a 
second. Visual Studio 2010 could take well towards 10 seconds (and 
sometimes more if you have many extensions). They solved the problem 
simply by lazy-loading almost everything they could. It turns out that 
the majority of stuff that most IDEs load on startup isn't going to be 
used during a session, so it's just wasted time.

Alex Rønne Petersen
alex at lycus.org

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