Where is naming convention?

Alex Rønne Petersen alex at lycus.org
Wed May 30 11:53:24 PDT 2012

On 30-05-2012 20:50, Denis Shelomovskij wrote:
> According to http://dlang.org/dstyle.html
> "Names formed by joining multiple words should have each word other than
> the first capitalized."
> So I thought that this is right:
> core.cpuid.fp16c /// Is FP16C supported
> core.cpuid.amdMmx /// Are AMD extensions to MMX supported?
> But in Phobos we have:
> std.ascii.isASCII
> std.utf.UTFException
> More than that UtfException (which looks correct for me) is marked as
> "Scheduled for deprecation" because of incorrect name.
> These cases should be explicitly stated in dstyle.html once we
> discovered correct naming in this NG thread (I hope we will).
> But for now we still doesn't have naming convention.

We're moving towards using ASCII rather than Ascii as the naming style 
for abbreviations.

(The style rule about joining words only concerns itself with whole 
words, not abbreviations.)

Alex Rønne Petersen
alex at lycus.org

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