synchronized (this[.classinfo]) in druntime and phobos

Andrei Alexandrescu SeeWebsiteForEmail at
Wed May 30 12:10:07 PDT 2012

On 5/30/12 11:41 AM, Jacob Carlborg wrote:
> On Wednesday, 30 May 2012 at 15:45:05 UTC, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
>> On 5/30/12 2:14 AM, Jacob Carlborg wrote:
>>> It seems more and more that D2 is not a designed language. Instead new
>>> features are just slapped on without considering how it would impact the
>>> rest of the language.
>> What features are you referring to?
> The concurrency model as this thread shows. There is no bridge between
> shared and unshared data like const is to immutable and mutable.

We considered that (maybe_synchronized) , but decided not to go with it 
amid fear of overcomplicating things.

> Perhaps
> the monitor on every object should have been removed when the new
> concurrency model was designed, as this thread suggests.

This thread does a good job at arguing that scoped locking does not 
prevent deadlocks, but this is not new or interesting. Unfortunately I 
fail to derive significant proposed value.

There exist type systems that avoid locks. They are very restrictive and 
difficult to work with.

> "inout" was added long after the const system was added to D. If done
> correctly this should have come up as a problem when designing the const
> system. You cannot apply const/immutable to an object reference in the
> same way as you can to a pointer.
> "const" doesn't play nice with ranges.

I see how these can be annoying, but they're not the result of us not 
designing things. We designed things best we could.


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