Deimos need some works

bioinfornatics bioinfornatics at
Thu Jul 18 02:47:26 PDT 2013

firstly fedora provide D shared lib since 2 years and static lib 
is not allowed.
We want to get one lib and share it to each application.

Secondly deimos provide include file these should not to be embed 
by each application which need it. that duplicate file in more 
some same file will not be at same revision that is not linux 

Third, about package manager:
  - this is for user not distro linux
  - setuptools from python use FHS
  - cpan from perl it is used by user not by packager
  - rvm (ruby ) ditto

so they are 2 things:
  - builder should to build
  - package manager should to package

problem here that is dub is showed to be the universal D way to 
build and manage packaging. that is really a problem to continue 
to support D project into offcial linux repository.

I can package dub and user use it for any reason but i need to be 
able to build and install a project by following FHS and other 
linux rules

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