xdc: A hypothetical D cross-compiler and AST manipulation tool.

Tofu Ninja emmons0 at purdue.edu
Thu Jul 25 13:28:21 PDT 2013

On Thursday, 18 July 2013 at 01:21:44 UTC, Chad Joan wrote:
> Would you pay for this?
> If so, then I might be able to do a kickstarter at some point.
> I am not independently wealthy or retired (or both?) like 
> Walter, nor am I able to survive on zero hours of sleep each 
> night like Andrei, and this would be a big project.  I think it 
> would need full-time attention or it would never become useful 
> in a reasonable timeframe.

If you started a kick starter, I would put some money up, the 
problem with it is I am not sure you could get enough 
contributions for something like this unless the whole D 
community got behind it.

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