Are there any crypto libraries floating around?

Dejan Lekic dejan.lekic at
Mon Jul 29 01:25:58 PDT 2013

On Saturday, 27 July 2013 at 15:58:04 UTC, Tyler Jameson Little 
> I found this thread mentioning some initial work on a crypto 
> library:
> It looks like "std.digest" is what came of that though, not 
> "std.crypto".
> I found this on the wish list:
>     Encryption and hashing
>     This is more an implementation problem than a design 
> problem.
>     No one is working on it. Some work has been done here but 
> it's unfinished.
>     One of the ideas is to wrap OpenSSL? at first and then 
> implement the most
>     useful crypto primitives in D to avoid library dependency 
> and to make them
>     usable with CTFE.
> I'm not sure what "some work has been done here" means, but 
> after looking around, I assume this refers to hashingDoes this 
> just mean that hashing functions have been implemented, but not 
> crypto?
> What I'm looking for is:
> * SSH library for an ssh client
> * TLS library for HTTPS
> Has anyone started working on this? Are there any openssh 
> wrappers lying around somewhere? I may have a crack at it 
> myself it noone has started on it.

There is the "dcrypt" project - . If i remember well, 
someone moved the source to the GitHub not so long ago. I like 
the code there, and with good project management we could make it 
alive again, and possibly, with a good set of interfaces, include 
it in Phobos...

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