Flame bait: D vs. Rust vs. Go Benchmarking

Jonathan A Dunlap jdunlap at outlook.com
Mon Jul 29 10:47:30 PDT 2013

> That could give the impression that Linus frequently /uses 
> obscenity/
> as a /method/, which would be very, very misleading.

Zed Shaw also falls into this category. He is usually polite and 
civil during debates. However like Linus, he does sometimes throw 
around obscenity to express a particular point... a trait that 
other people try to emulated thinking its cool to use as a 
default method of asserting a point. Simply I believe the people 
who have the most respect or fame in the industry need to be the 
most careful about their expression. Just like any parent to 
child relationship, be aware that others may emulate your 
behavior and cross boundaries where you had carefully walked the 

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