Effective D book?

deadalnix deadalnix at gmail.com
Sat Jun 15 20:56:21 PDT 2013

On Sunday, 16 June 2013 at 00:42:15 UTC, Timon Gehr wrote:
> On 06/16/2013 01:36 AM, Walter Bright wrote:
>> On 6/15/2013 2:34 PM, Timon Gehr wrote:
>>> It sure is, the module system is supposed to provide hijacking
>>> protection.
>> Inner scopes override outer scopes. That isn't what hijacking 
>> is.
> A module can introduce a new symbol and silently change what 
> some identifier lookup refers to, where the previous symbol 
> referred to resides in a different module.

It happen to me recently; the bug was very puzzling. I do think 
that identifier lookup should turtle down in the module before 
looking at imports.

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