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On 4/18/14, 9:25 AM, Aleksandar Ruzicic wrote:
> On Friday, 18 April 2014 at 15:30:52 UTC, David Gileadi wrote:


>> Also note that there's a movement to make at least part of the website
>> (the Phobos docs) use a different documentation generator, so the new
>> look would need to be ported to that too. I suspect that wouldn't be
>> hard.
> I wasn't aware of that, do you by any chance have links to those threads?

I'm having trouble finding the thread, but I think the idea was to use 
vibe.d's ddox[1]. There's a preview of it live at the "Preview new 
Layout" link at Folks, please correct me if I got this wrong 
and that preview is not powered by ddox.


>> Finally I like your look; I think it would be worth refining and
>> pursuing. I make no claim to be a graphic designer and I'm certainly
>> not offended by any criticism of the current look; at the time I had
>> two goals; 1) look better than the previous site at
>> and 2) tame the massive sidebar into something more reasonable. I
>> think they both succeeded but I'm very aware that things can look better.
> Thanks! It is just a mockup I made in an hour or so, I would like
> to have some real designer(s) involved in this to make it really better.

If you have access to real designers (as you mentioned in another 
message) that would be fantastic. I think the mockup you created is 
already a good direction but folks with experience in UX, typography, 
responsive design etc. could probably make properly great.

> The current design is waaay better than what we had before and I thank you
> on that! That change was really refreshing.
> I just think that we should keep pushing forward. And I would also like if
> you could be able to join me in a new redesign (if it gets approval), at
> least
> in a consulting role. :)

I'd be happy to help. My time is more divided nowadays but I'm sure I 
can put some time into this. While we're at it some good mobile support 
would be awesome too.

> [1]


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