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> On Sunday, 9 August 2015 at 05:18:33 UTC, rsw0x wrote:
>> On Sunday, 9 August 2015 at 02:41:00 UTC, Manu wrote:
>>> ...
>> This pretty much hit the nail on the head on why dmd needs deprecated.
>> I'm tired of seeing 'BUT IT WORKS ON WINDOWS' as an excuse. I don't care
>> if it works on windows, it produces code slower than interpreted lua.
>> Exactly what use is that? It may as well not work on windows at all as far
>> as release builds are concerned.
>> dmd not being deprecated continues the cycle of gdc/ldc lagging versions
>> behind and being understaffed in manpower.
> I think another point to look at is how far gdc and ldc have come while
> still having so few people working on them. Clearly they are able to get
> more done faster because they can leverage the work of the llvm and gcc
> devs. Seems silly that the majority of our talent is focused on dmd when it
> is the slowest of the bunch. D's "not made here" syndrome strikes again!
> Also I really wish we had 1 main editor that was "THE" D editor. Something
> that was officially maintained and packaged with the rest of D. VisualD is
> cool, but not cross platform. monoD is nice, but no windows debugging
> support. DDT is also nice, it says it can do debugging in windows, but I
> was never been able to get it to work. They all have problems. If I had to
> vote, I would vote for monoD or DDT as they are both the closest to being
> complete solutions. But one really needs to be the focus and packaged with
> D, make it complete and let the others die.
(Neo)Vim?  :o)

> D debugging is in a laughable state. It really sucks and it seems to not
> be a concern at all by the core D people. That alone is a huge problem. If
> only we could get a cross platform D debugger that just worked and was
> officially maintained.
Not sure which environment you refer to, but most times I've been pinged
into discussion, the problem was less the debugger (GDB) and more the
compiler (DMD) which does not produce enough (or wrong) information to even
allow some basics to work properly.

So your idea of a debugger tool to fix all problems is a non-starter
project because from DMD there is not much information present to begin
with.  You can't magically build a debug environment that represents a
program state in its entirety from nothing!

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