[NEEDING HELP] Translation of Ali Cehreli's book in French

Raphaël Jakse via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at puremagic.com
Tue Mar 3 15:55:17 PST 2015

Le 03/03/2015 14:47, Scroph a écrit :
> Alright, I just finished translating the "member functions" chapter. I
> modified the member_functions.d file after downloading it from the
> BitBucket repository, here's a link to the file I used :
> https://bitbucket.org/acehreli/ddili/src/9c77fdefed1424275f0b2672a8abe64f091d8c00/src/ders/d.en/member_functions.d?at=master
> Some remarks about the whole process :
> - I translated "Member functions" to "méthodes" and "members" to
> "propriétés". It seems to be the canonical object-oriented jargon, but
> let me know if it's too awkward and I'll change it to something more
> suitable. ("fonctions membres" perhaps ?)
> - I translated the comments but I didn't touch the code.
> - I translated the titles of the linked chapters, but not the links
> themselves.
> - Since I'm not very familiar with Ddoc, I left the "Macros" and the
> title (line 3) parts unchanged for fear of accidentally breaking something.
> By the way, what email address should I send it to ?
> Thanks.

Thanks for your work.

Code should also be translated, no need to keep English for variable 
names in the translated book, as French version is here for people who 
prefer reading in English.

You can send me your work on the email address I use here to post on the 
newsgroups (raphael dot jakse at gmail dot com) (don't hesitate to use a 
[traduction] tag so your email has less chance to get lost, though this 
is not absolutely necessary).

I will translate and proofread anything to whata, no problem with links 
or the syntax of translated files. DDoc macros are specific to Ali's 
book, I won't keep them.

By the way, Oliver, I mostly handled your first translated chapter, I 
will send you an email when I'm done. Great translation!

I'm finishing the translation of the struct chapter so I can include all 
your translations and proofreads.

I like "attribut" in French to mean "non function member". I think we 
should use this. Reactions, anybody?

Thank you all for your invaluable help!

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