What is the state of D with Android/iOS

Dan Olson via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at puremagic.com
Wed Mar 4 09:31:47 PST 2015

Dan Olson <zans.is.for.cans at yahoo.com> writes:
> For Android, LDC generates the usual .tbss/.tdata sections for TLS vars
> and __aeabi_read_tp() when needed to lookup the base address.
>   ldc2 -mtriple=thumbv7-linux-anrdoideabi -output-s test.d 
>   tlsvar = 42;
> 	ldr	r1, .LCPI1_0
> 	movs	r2, #42
> 	bl	__aeabi_read_tp
> 	str	r2, [r0, r1]
> For iOS, I then added what was missing from the OS loader to find TLS
> sections and provide the lookup function to lazy init TLS block and
> return address.  These are just linked in with the app instead being
> provided by OS libs and kernel.  At that point, it looked to
> ldc_sections.d like normal OSX TLS.
> I would guess you could do the same for Android/ARM with LDC and make it
> look like linux to ld_sections.

  ldc2 -mtriple=thumbv7-linux-androideabi -output-s -relocation-model=pic -O tls1.d

	ldr	r0, .LCPI1_0
	add	r0, pc
	bl	__tls_get_addr(PLT)
	movs	r1, #42
	str	r1, [r0]

Shouldn't that work?

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