What Features Should A GUI toolkit have?

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> Components are coming to HTML5:
> […]
> It could work out nicely.

On the other hand for a non-browser UI, it doesn't really make sense!

Personally I cannot see a new D implemented graphics system and GUI 
system on top of it being anything more than hobby project there is 
not enough resource or traction with D to compete against Qt. Hate it 
or really hate it, Qt is currently the leader in Linux, UNIX (inc 
OSX), Windows agnostic graphics and GUI.

It would be really good if there were resource, especially given the 
demise of OpenGL and OpenCL in the face of Vulkan, since this would be 
an opportunity for D to excel. But without serious dosh, I can't see 
it happening: consider the amount of money spent on JavaFX.

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