What Features Should A GUI toolkit have?

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On Fri, 06 Mar 2015 12:29:45 +0000, Chris wrote:

> To cut a long story short, ideals and pragmatism are at loggerheads
> here, but at the end of the day, you have to get your apps out there for
> as many people and as many platforms as possible, with the least effort
> possible. So HTML5 and related technologies win in this respect. And
> users don't care what's under the hood. They simply ask "Can I download
> an app?". If they can't, they are very annoyed. D should find a way to
> interact with the "app world".

that's exactly what Component Framework can provide: solid foundation to 
build upon. clear separation of data and UI and software as components 
which can interoperate seamlessly. there is no such thing as "application 
package" in CF, there is only "CF extension package". add "everything is 
a document" here, and you will have a killer.

the worst thing of current software is that it's bundled in form of 
"applications". and then people try to glue that "applications" together, 
and... and the whole thing is a mess.

people with virtual machines was almost there... almost. it seems that 
they were too scared with the idea, and choose to go "traditional" way. 
sure, you can't sell the thing that can't build "standalone 
applications" (technically, CF can, but they sux). apple tried that with 
OpenDoc and failed. microsoft tried that with COM and failed.

but that doesn't mean that the idea is wrong, it's just bussines is not 
ready to bundle "extensions" instead of "applications". especially when 
your extension can be freely used by any other extension. so we have what 
we have.
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