[dmd-internals] DMD now requires a working D compiler to be build

Vladimir Panteleev via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at puremagic.com
Mon Mar 9 06:27:20 PDT 2015

On Monday, 9 March 2015 at 01:26:10 UTC, Daniel Murphy wrote:
> "Walter Bright"  wrote in message 
> news:mdiqav$17i8$1 at digitalmars.com...
>> On 3/8/2015 5:00 PM, Daniel Murphy wrote:
>> > If it's a new platform, why would 2.067 be able to target it?
>> Because it'll have a C++ compiler.
> You'd be able to compile the C++ version of 2.067 on this 
> platform, but 2.067 still wouldn't be able to target that 
> platform without patches. Wouldn't it be easier to add support 
> for the new platform into the latest compiler and 
> cross-compile?  IIRC you did something like this in the past 
> when targeting new platforms.

What about source Linux distributions, like Gentoo?

What do other self-hosted languages do in this situation?

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