Standard GUI framework inspired by Qt

karl via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at
Mon Mar 9 18:25:03 PDT 2015

Please don't use SDL2 and such as basis, or OpenGL with 
glBegin+glReadPixels without FBOs and PBOs (not Pbuffers). I'm a 
GL driver dev (userspace) for a smaller company, and I see too 
much gore in popular software like that (gnome3 is the 
most-horrific). A fully-featured GUI with GL needs only a thin 
wrapper for glXGetProcAddress, GL context creation, BitBlt-like 
things and font-glyph cache (or better yet, signed-distance-field 
text rendering). Something like this:

Base (sans clipping, I haven't ported it from asm yet):

SDF text:

Also, GL should be optional, just like with Qt; it introduces 
noticeable lag of 16 to 48ms while being a resource hog 
unnecessary for most apps. I could help with implementing the 
abstraction layer and create a software blitter (I was 
professionally doing such stuff before, for GUI toolkits and 
stuff; but then again this stuff is trivial).

A 32-bit backing-store is always vital (DDB+GDI dibsection, GL 
texture and such). Qt has it (and implemented really-well) and 
that's the first pixel-related thing we should implement. BGRA8 
will be the best format (blue in LSB).
A 9-cell blit will also be vital functionality.

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