A few notes on choosing between Go and D for a quick project

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Sat Mar 14 08:16:40 PDT 2015

On Saturday, 14 March 2015 at 14:45:07 UTC, rumbu wrote:
> So, IMHO, if you want to attract users, here is my list:
> - concentrate on most used OSes - Windows/OSX and Android/iOS.

I actually think that going "populist" is a serious mistake. 
Abstraction layers create inefficiencies and inflexibility and D 
will be best suited for server programming in the near future. D 
eco system is nowhere near a state where D is suitable for 
commercial applications.

I'd much rather use a tool that has strong focus on one platform 
and totally kill on that platform than one that is being mediocre 
everywhere. D is spreading itself thin, chasing too many trails. 
OS/iOS/Android/Windows are very expensive trails to follow, 
because you have to provide comparable tooling which will never 

D could have chosen to be excellent on Linux server programming, 
but then you need to embrace Linux, and make the most out of the 

Linux devs are happy with an Emacs mode. Put a lot of effort on a 
single IDE, like Emacs, and you have something. Creating 10 
different IDEs and N different GUI libs that supposedly will make 
commercial application programming a breeze... goes nowhere. 
Because it lacks realism.

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