Standard GUI framework inspired by Qt

Xavier Bigand via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at
Sat Mar 14 18:07:00 PDT 2015

Le 13/03/2015 20:38, Aram a écrit :
> On Wednesday, 11 March 2015 at 08:22:30 UTC, Xavier Bigand wrote:
>> DQuick is just like QtQuick, a simple render coupled to a language
>> that support property bindings, if you want more advanced GUI
>> components like widgets the user have to create them based on
>> primitives (images, border images,...).
>> But just like Qt do, advanced components can be added after to the
>> library as an extension (QtQuick.Controls).
>> A such GUI library is in theory simpler to do, cause there is no
>> tricky things to implement in it to follow native UI of platforms,...
> How can I take a look at DQuik? Is it in working state?

It's on github :

We have some tests working, but it's not enough to be usable on a real 

The "DML engine" is almost finished. This night we worked on the file 
reloading. This will allow direct update of GUI when modifying lua files 
without loosing states.

Once the "DML engine" polished, we'll progress and the render part and 
event system. For the moment the mouse input aren't propagate correctly 
in the hierarchy,...

But we hope finding more time to work on it this year.

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