A few notes on choosing between Go and D for a quick project

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Sun Mar 15 07:59:21 PDT 2015

On Sunday, 15 March 2015 at 14:15:18 UTC, disme wrote:
> do you people really want to see this language be more popular? 
> do you? doesnt look like it at all to me, the only few people 
> in those 18+ pages that are actually telling you the real 
> problems are mostly being ignored for futile python, go and 
> rust talk, seriously?
> let me go ahead and say that no i dont use D, ive found it 
> awhile ago and came back to look at it from time to time which 
> puts me in a perfect spot to tell you that the fundamental 
> problems for new comers are right here, in those posts:
> page 7 - Leandro Motta Barros' post
> page 10 - Almighty Bob's first post
> page 11 - Almighty Bob's post (again)
> page 14 - rumbu's first post
> page 17 - Xavier Bigand's post
> page XX - many of Chris' posts
> (may have missed a few but those are the ones that jumped out 
> at me where i really went "THIS MAN GETS IT!")
> yes, those are fundamental problems FOR A NEW COMER! 90% of the 
> posts i see in this thread are a bunch of... i dont even know? 
> advanced "problems" that new comers would have no clue what 
> they are about, only those few posts i mentioned are seeing the 
> real problems.
> this community seems to be filled with really intelligent, 
> dedicated people capable of solving some of the hardest 
> challenges but you fail to see the tiny little bitty small 
> things that are stopping the new comers and instead you worry 
> about things that are far beyond their scope people...
> i guess ill find out in a few months when i visit the language 
> again if those posts have been paid attention to, with that 
> said i wonder how many people will reply to this because they 
> havent read until the end (tiny little bitty detail slipping by 
> again?)

Why do you believe that something has to be dumbed down for your 
sake instead of stepping up and learning learning something that 
will prove to be more powerful in the end?

I don't think D or anything should kowtow to "KISS". Of course 
the lazy ignorant masses want this but humanity ultimate 
suffers... and there is enough simple programming languages for 
simple people. Do we really want another Python, Go, Java, perl, 
php, asp, JS, lua, Ruby, Rust... Oh, wait, instead of listing 
hundreds of languages, just look here:


Most of those damn languages are essentially just syntactically 
different. Python vs Perl vs php? Who cares, it's all the same 
crap. If all the energy went in to creating a better languages 
with more power(power != complex) instead of just duplicating the 
stone wheel then maybe we can get somewhere?

I really find it odd when someone complains about a "feature" but 
never uses it. e.g., "I don't like /++/", How often do you use 
it? "Never, I don't like it!"... then whats the problem, if you 
don't use it then how is it getting in the way of your progress? 
"Well, because other people use it and I get confused when I see 
it in their code!". So, instead of allowing them to program the 
way they want, you want to control them so you don't have to 
think as hard?

Wouldn't you agree: "The best language is the one that gets out 
of the way and lets you do exactly what you need to do in the 
most efficient way(which isn't just about time).

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