The next iteration of scope

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Sun Mar 15 12:11:34 PDT 2015

On Sunday, 15 March 2015 at 17:31:17 UTC, Nick Treleaven wrote:
> On 15/03/2015 14:10, "Marc =?UTF-8?B?U2Now7x0eiI=?= 
> <schuetzm at>" wrote:
>> Here's the new version of my scope proposal:
>> It's still missing real-life examples, a section on the 
>> implementation,
>> and a more formal specification, as well as a discussion of 
>> backwards
>> compatibility. But I thought I'd show what I have, so that it 
>> can be
>> discussed early on.
>> I hope it will be more digestible for Walter & Andrei. It's 
>> more or less
>> an extended version of DIP25, and avoids the need for most 
>> explicit
>> annotations.
> I too want a scope attribute e.g. for safe slicing of static 
> arrays, etc. I'm not sure if it's too late for scope by default 
> though, perhaps.

If we get @safe by default, we automatically get scope by 
default, too.

> I like postblit overloading on whether 'this' can be scope or 
> not, allowing efficient ref-counting.
>     scope T payload;
> ^ This is a nice way to help enforce the correctness of @safe 
> wrapper types.

Yes, it's an exception to the general rule of "scope only in 
function signatures", but it's so useful I think it's worth it.

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