`return const` parameters make `inout` obsolete

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Mon Mar 16 12:00:24 PDT 2015

On Mon, 16 Mar 2015 18:46:10 +0000, Zach the Mystic wrote:

> On Monday, 16 March 2015 at 16:49:36 UTC, ketmar wrote:
>> having argument modifier that changes function return type is very
>> surprising regardless of how much people used to it. really, why should
>> i parse *arguments* to know the (explicitly specified!) *return*
>> *type*?
>> it's ok with `auto`, it's ok with `inout`, but when i wrote `char *`, i
>> want `char *`. and then compiler decides that it knows better.
>> ok,
>> compiler, you win, can you write the rest of the code for me? no?
>> stupid compiler!
> I feel like you're reacting more to "Change" than to my actual point.

your change includes both observation and syntax change. i don't want to 
separate them.

> It's just a matter of getting used to them.

i can read Z80 machine code without disassembler. that doesn't means that 
i like to do that.
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