A few notes on choosing between Go and D for a quick project

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> On 03/14/2015 08:49 PM, Xavier Bigand wrote:
> >
> > Take a look to the new Qt web site :
> > http://www.qt.io/
> >
> While I personally think the latest D homepage redesign looks 
> stylistically inconsistent and a bit cluttered and messy (I don't mean 
> that to insult, merely an opinion/critique), I'm REALLY glad we haven't 
> jumped on that hideous bandwagon above.

I think the main issue is that a huge majority of webpage designers have
got lazy and just use the same design as everyone else. I have had this
debate about "all websites looking the same, and so there is no
branding" with a couple of new website owners, but to no avail. It seems
the fashion has been encoded into the rules of webpage design. The fact
that it leads to bad UX appears not to be an issue for them.

For me the biggest problem with the D website, is that it is dark on
light surrounded by light on dark. I prefer light on dark across the
whole page. As you say these things are personal. In the end having a
nicely branded page is actually more important that any personal taste.

> Even ignoring all subjective and objective specifics of the style, the 
> mere concept of designing a site "mobile-first (and desktop if we ever 
> feel like it, as it usually turns out)" is entirely inappropriate for 
> websites relating to software development - a field which even today 
> still takes place almost entirely on desktop/laptop, not phone or tablet.

You mean you don't do all your documentation lookup on your phablet? How
can this be, it is 2015. ;-)

Me, I'm a technology dinosaur, I use my phone for making phone calls.

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