A few notes on choosing between Go and D for a quick project

Bienlein via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at puremagic.com
Tue Mar 17 13:50:50 PDT 2015

> Go is only a CSP-like, it isn't CSP. cf Python-CSP and PyCSP, 
> not to
> mention JCSP and GPars.

I'm not really sure whether this can be put exactly that way. On 
a machine with 4 GB RAM you can spawn about 80.000 goroutines 
(aka green threads). Let's say each threads calculates a large 
fibonacci number. If the fibonacci calculation yields the 
processor frequently all 80.000 run seamingly in parallel and 
return their result almost "at the same time".

With GPars this would not work. You can only start some 2.000 
Java threads on a machine with the same amount of memory. If also 
the fibonacci calculation in Groovy/GPars yields the processor, 
using GPars the first 2.000 fibonacci calculations will 
nevertheless crowd out the following 2.000 threads of all those 
80.000 fibonacci calculations and so on. I once tried this out 
with both Go and Groovy/GPars.

-- Bienlein

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