calling C variadic arguments with no 'argc' and only variadic arguments

Daniel Murphy via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at
Tue Mar 17 20:14:31 PDT 2015

"Laeeth Isharc"  wrote in message 
news:jmlgralvzaqperfkntqw at

> DMD gave me an error message for the following declarations:
> double mgl_rnd (...);
> double mgl_rnd_ (...);
> It says I need at least one fixed argument first.  But the C headers are 
> as they are.
> I could work around this by writing a C stub
> double mgl_rnd_(int dummy, ...)
> but is there any way to call these functions without this workaround?

You should just declare them with the actual argument types.  From a quick 
look at the documentation it seems like the correct signature would be
double mgl_rnd();

i.e. these functions aren't actually variadic they just haven't specified 
the signature.  Functions that take variadic arguments will pretty much 
always have at least one named argument. 

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