[Semi OT] The programming language wars

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> Ultimately, I think rodent-based UIs will go the way of the dinosaur.
> It's a regression from the expressiveness of an actual language with
> grammar and semantics back to caveman-style point-and-grunt. It may take
> decades, maybe even centuries, before the current GUI trendiness fades
> away, but eventually it will become obvious that there is no future in a
> non-abstractible UI. Either CLIs will be proven by the test of time, or
> something else altogether will come along to replace the rodent dead-end
> with something more powerful. Something abstractible with the
> expressiveness of language and semantics, not regressive
> point-and-grunt.

Oberon TUI was really nice, as it combines point-and-click with CLI 
expressivenes. not only you can type command almost anywhere and 
immediately execute it, but you can combine commands in "tools", 
parameterize commands with "marked window", "selected text" (those were 
completely independend things), simple text and so on. even window 
actions like "close", "save" and such was ordinary commands, simply 
printed at window header.

Oberon Gadgets was an extension of that system, where buttons and so on 
were simply "nicely drawn area that still executes command on click".
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