A reason to choose D over Go

Mengu via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at puremagic.com
Sun Mar 22 13:35:31 PDT 2015

On Saturday, 21 March 2015 at 22:16:10 UTC, Martin Nowak wrote:
> This blog post describes what to consider when switching from 
> python to go.
> http://blog.repustate.com/migrating-code-from-python-to-golang-what-you-need-to-know/#tips
> It's very interesting, because the long list of things to give 
> up for
> more efficient go code reads like an argumentation against 
> choosing go
> from a D perspective.
> And given that D is on par with Python's expressiveness, we 
> should
> really emphasize this aspect.
> I recently made a pull request for a go tool and spent about 
> half an
> hour trying to find some function to test whether an array 
> contains a
> particular element. I also asked on #go-nuts to confirm I 
> didn't miss
> anything, but you're really supposed to write an explicit loop.
> https://github.com/buger/gor/pull/149/files#diff-b8b346beabeabdf0fca6f0b6893ce82bR42
> That's what you would write in other languages.
> ```py
> if "chunked" in request.transfer_encodings:
>     return
> ```
> ```ruby
> return if request.transfer_encodings.include? 'chunked'
> ```
> ```d
> if (request.transferEncodings.canFind("chunked"))
>     return;
> ```
> ```c++
> const auto& arr = request.transfer_encodings;
> if (find(arr.begin(), arr.end(), string("chunked")) != 
> arr.end())
>     return;
> ```
> There exists some functionality for sorted arrays (only int, 
> float, and
> string), but that isn't applicable here.
> http://golang.org/pkg/sort/
> While go will hardly ever have good support for algorithms, 
> because of
> the lack of overloads and generics, they also choose against 
> adding such
> trivial, but often needed, algorithms to the basic types.
> With a functional programming (or C++ algo) background, I find 
> this very
> hard to get used to.
> Repeatedly writing out such trivial code often mixes different 
> levels of
> abstraction and is one of the reasons why go code is so noisy, 
> manual
> error code handling being another one.

trust me, from an undecided but experienced developer's
perspective there are so many reasons to choose D over Go. on the
otherhand same person has a lot more reasons to choose Go over D.

i'm writing a very long blog post about this. if anyone's
interested, i can happily share the draft with them.

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