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Mon Mar 23 16:32:37 PDT 2015

On Monday, 23 March 2015 at 21:34:09 UTC, Jake The Baker wrote:
> If D had an ide that could do the following I think development 
> and testing could be better managed.
> 1. IDE that works with a centralized server to be able to 
> change D versions at a drop of a time. e.g., click "Master" and 
> it checks to see if you have the latest, if not it downloads 
> it, configures it, and sets it up hands free to be used. (If it 
> requires any interaction to work then it is a bug)
> 2. Patches, bugs, and everything else can be accessed through 
> this IDE. Collaboration can be made between groups of people 
> and individuals. Announcements could be made by head honchos. 
> (In fact, this software could be more generic and used by 
> anyone for any purpose of collaboration in programming... e.g. 
> with php).
> One can see open bugs, issues, workarounds, etc at a click.
> 3. Projects could be collaborated on easily with people being 
> able to "watch"(RD) another persons session(say for debugging 
> help or whatever).
> 4. The ability to connect resources to projects. e.g. insert a 
> note over a function that links to the D documentation about a 
> bug.
> 5. etc.
> If such an IDE existed so that anyone could simply run it, open 
> a "bug" and start working without having to go through a 
> massive change(by quick, I mean click of a button), then I 
> think people would be more willing to help.
> The number one reason I don't contribute is that I don't have 
> the time to dedicate to maintain all the knowledge and 
> software/organization to fit it in my schedule.
> I suspect that is most everyone excuse too.
> I don't want to spend 30mins to an hour to download the latest 
> version, compile it if I have to, make sure all the 
> configuration stuff is correct, create a setup program... just 
> to find out there is a bug in the latest version at the end.
> I'm simply not that dedicated to D. Again, I suspect most 
> people aren't. You have really dedicated people here but not 
> enough to get everything that needs to be done, done.
> Instead, find out how to leverage all the people that would 
> help if you make it worth their time.
> It might be slower in the short term but better in the long 
> term.
>  In 10 more years I doubt Andrei or Walter will have as much 
> energy to do all the work that they are doing... Better build 
> the infrastructure now while there is time.

VCS (Git in this case) and Make are tools of the trade. If a 
developer cannot use these tools following instructions provided 
in the Wiki [1] they probably won't have much in the way of 
useful contributions to Phobos or the compiler.



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