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Tue Mar 24 00:28:58 PDT 2015

On Monday, 23 March 2015 at 21:34:09 UTC, Jake The Baker wrote:
> If D had an ide that could do the following I think development 
> and testing could be better managed.
> 1. IDE that works with a centralized server to be able to 
> change D versions at a drop of a time. e.g., click "Master" and 
> it checks to see if you have the latest, if not it downloads 
> it, configures it, and sets it up hands free to be used. (If it 
> requires any interaction to work then it is a bug)
> 2. Patches, bugs, and everything else can be accessed through 
> this IDE. Collaboration can be made between groups of people 
> and individuals. Announcements could be made by head honchos. 
> (In fact, this software could be more generic and used by 
> anyone for any purpose of collaboration in programming... e.g. 
> with php).
> One can see open bugs, issues, workarounds, etc at a click.
> 3. Projects could be collaborated on easily with people being 
> able to "watch"(RD) another persons session(say for debugging 
> help or whatever).
> 4. The ability to connect resources to projects. e.g. insert a 
> note over a function that links to the D documentation about a 
> bug.
> 5. etc.
> If such an IDE existed so that anyone could simply run it, open 
> a "bug" and start working without having to go through a 
> massive change(by quick, I mean click of a button), then I 
> think people would be more willing to help.
> The number one reason I don't contribute is that I don't have 
> the time to dedicate to maintain all the knowledge and 
> software/organization to fit it in my schedule.
> I suspect that is most everyone excuse too.
> I don't want to spend 30mins to an hour to download the latest 
> version, compile it if I have to, make sure all the 
> configuration stuff is correct, create a setup program... just 
> to find out there is a bug in the latest version at the end.
> I'm simply not that dedicated to D. Again, I suspect most 
> people aren't. You have really dedicated people here but not 
> enough to get everything that needs to be done, done.
> Instead, find out how to leverage all the people that would 
> help if you make it worth their time.
> It might be slower in the short term but better in the long 
> term.
>  In 10 more years I doubt Andrei or Walter will have as much 
> energy to do all the work that they are doing... Better build 
> the infrastructure now while there is time.

Well, you know what? Everybody wants that kind of stuff. Some 
says I wish there was a way to do that in that way. Another wants 
for another thing. That's the reason people those do business (or 
just wealthy), go and pay people to prepare whatever they want 
and like.

Unfortunately, what we have is, like how open source projects are 
built, many single tools those CAN be connected each other very 
well, but separate from each other.

You know what they say: Linux CAN do that as well. Well, if you 
go to there, spend time and money, and give effort, then that's 
true only. You can theme Linux however you want. But, non of them 
looks as great as OS X.

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