uniform tuple syntax

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Wed Mar 25 01:14:29 PDT 2015

On Tuesday, 24 March 2015 at 23:07:29 UTC, Vlad Levenfeld wrote:
> You'd also have to rename opDollar to opHash or, maybe less 
> confusingly, opPound.


> Also, $ is already a common idiom (at least in Unix) for "the 
> end". It would be better to just name

No, in Unix "$" is used in /bin/sh for the prompt and to denote a 
variable, but "$#" is used for the number of parameters and 
"${#variable}" is used for length. What you are thinking about is 
that "$" is used for pattern matching of the conceptual 
EOL-symbol (character) in regular expressions, but that's not 
So in the Unix world "$" is either used for variables or pattern 
matching, and "#" is used for length.

In perl "$#" is used to denote last item in list? In Lua "#" is 
the length operator? Using "$" for length is just confusing if 
you know other languages.

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