A reason to choose D over Go

Bienlein via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at puremagic.com
Wed Mar 25 03:17:00 PDT 2015

>I recently made a pull request for a go tool and spent about 
>half an
>hour trying to find some function to test whether an array 
>contains a
>particular element.

There are libraries for this like gen: 
http://clipperhouse.github.io/gen. But it also suffers from the 
absence of generics.

>trust me, from an undecided but experienced developer's
>perspective there are so many reasons to choose D over Go. on the
>otherhand same person has a lot more reasons to choose Go over D.

I earn my pay with Java development. In my spare time I learn 
some Scala hoping there might be some work for me with Scala in 
the future. Then I need to become familiar with all kinds of new 
frameworks, tools, libraries and systems that continue to pop up 
every year in the JVM eco system.

In the end there is not much time left for playing with a 
"systems language". As Go is very effortless it could be a good 
compromise here. I have thrown it away and refetched it due to 
lack of alternatives several times. I would like to play with D, 
but it has as step a learning curve as Scala. If you don't have a 
background in C or C++ the learning curve is even steeper. So it 
depends a lot from where you are coming.

>i'm writing a very long blog post about this. if anyone's
>interested, i can happily share the draft with them.

Please drop a comment in this thread or somewhere when it is 

Cheers, Bienlein

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