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Wed Mar 25 15:34:28 PDT 2015

On Wednesday, 25 March 2015 at 20:57:43 UTC, Jonathan wrote:
> Thanks Joakim! That's a great article, I've remember reading it 
> years ago that originally attracted me to the language. I was 
> hoping for something more concise: perhaps a single page with 
> language highlights.

Since I am mainly a C# developer, I can tell you what convinced 
- D code looks 90% like C#, it's very easy to learn;
- native compilation;
- templates as generics on steroids;
- compatibility with C;
- memory allocation control;
- compile time reflection;
- mixins;
- a better approach to operator overloading;
- unittest integration
- inline assembler;

A good resource is also the comparison made by Adam Wilson at 
- slides -
- talk -

Anyway, don't point him to, this 
page is full of lies :)

Unfortunately, the list of what's not convincing me is much 
longer, I don't want to discourage him.

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