Unittests and windows application

Stefan via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at puremagic.com
Thu Mar 26 03:23:56 PDT 2015

I am currently porting a D1 application to D2. I am trying to 
take advantage of new language features but mostly of the "new" 
standard library features.
The old application has several unit tests and I would like to 
have them executed to secure that everything works as expected.

The problem with the unit tests is that they will be executed but 
I can not see the results because errors will be written to 
console output which is not available in a windows application.

I did a little bit of research and found this two similar threads:

But they just explain why that does not work.
Interestingly enough, the hint in the first thread to use the 
standard D main method instead of a WinMain 
(http://wiki.dlang.org/D_for_Win32) works for me. I just specify 

Class runtime.d seems to contain the code that performs the unit 
tests: bool runModuleUnitTests()
Runtime has a @property moduleUnitTester which can be set to a 
function that runs the unit test of a given module. If this is 
property is set it will be used otherwise a default test runner 
will be executed. This default test runner will report any error 
with the internal function void printErr(in char[] buf).

The question is where should the error output go in a windows 
application. Possible solutions maybe:
- write that to file similar to the code coverage *.lst
- write it to windows debug view with win32: void 
OutputDebugStringA( LPCTSTR lpOutputString )

I will try set the modultUnitTester property and use 
OutputDebugView. Although, not very nice because a lot of code 
has to be copied.

Are there any other options?

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