change in github workflow!

Jesse Phillips via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at
Fri Mar 27 16:29:25 PDT 2015

Good to hear!

> Unfortunately github doesn't allow to retarget pull requests, 
> so if a
pull targets the wrong branch, it needs to be reopened.

The targeted branch is only important for three reasons:

1. Documents the intent of the pull request (the specific point 
release being targeted)
2. Allows the use of auto merge
3. It avoid unrelated code change conflicts, as in added 
features/bug fixes that were not there in the desired point 

The third is the only real reason that a pull request should need 
to be reopened. Otherwise a incorrectly targeted pull should be 
fairly easy to apply. But rejecting incorrectly placed pull 
requests can help to remind developers where to develop their 
request against.

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