I submitted my container library to code.dlang.org

w0rp via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at puremagic.com
Sun Mar 29 08:19:35 PDT 2015

I just submitted my container library I was working on ages ago 
to code.dlang.org. It's currently waiting in a queue, but it 
should be available from there soon enough.

I submitted my library with the version "0.1.0" to indicate, "Do 
not expect this to work properly." I have a number of unit tests 
available for it, and documentation for the library hosted on my 


It is available on GitHub here.


If anyone is interested in this stuff at all, let me know what 
you think. If you hate it and want to burn me alive, let me know. 
A few points follow.

1. This library uses the GC a lot. std.allocator still hasn't 
made it out into the real world, so I can't use that yet. I would 
like to offer different allocation schemes at some point with 
that, but for now the GC default will do. If you absolutely hate 
the GC and can't use it, this library isn't for you. (For now.)
2. Again, I don't guarantee that everything will work. I would 
really like people to submit issues so I can cover any errors 
with more tests.
3. The API for just about anything can be subject to change at 
this point. I need more feedback from actual usage of my library.
4. I ended up writing my own library hashmap, which when I tested 
ages ago competed with the standard associative array in terms of 
performance. This allows me to mark many things @safe pure 
nothrow. Also, I was able to implement setDefault in a hopefully 
efficient manner. I have tried to push setDefault as an awesome 
thing a few times, but I've never been able to explain why it's 
good eloquently.


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