The D Language: A sweet-spot between Python and C

Laeeth Isharc via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at
Mon Mar 30 06:08:44 PDT 2015

>> How about we (ie you, the language expert!) jot down a few 
>> more points
>> to later turn into a short but useful article on how to deal 
>> with the GC
>> in practical  situations?
> I'm by far not a language expert, especially with manual memory 
> management. I can only discuss what I've dealt with my own 
> projects.
> I have yet to get to the part where I have to actually try to 
> be @nogc or pre allocate + buffers.
> But there will be an article at some point. But only when it is 
> ready to go public. I am sure there will be a lot of interest 
> in an Apache equivalent web server in D. With shared library 
> support.

I like my new oneplusone smart phone, but it doesn't lend itself 
to thoughtful expression.  Yes - understand that, but this bit is 
what I mean: " I can only discuss what I've dealt with my own 
projects".  One of the best things about Adam Ruppe's books and 
talks is the way he takes you on the journey of how he figured 
something out.  Humans learn as much by imitating those ahead of 
them (who seem human and not out of reach) as by book learning.  
Understand wanting to wait before saying much, but at the moment 
the GC is one of those effective FUD factors even though my guess 
is it needn't be for many people who use it as an excuse not to 
look any further into D.

This is what there is currently:

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