Stream - What is D actually used for?

Rikki Cattermole via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at
Mon Mar 30 06:29:07 PDT 2015

I was asked during my stream "what is D actually used for" of 
course I mentioned e.g. Sociomantic. But as has been said thanks 
to e.g. Reddit. We really need to push the use cases on the site 
much much more. Saying it has e.g. performance is wishy washy. We 
need actual metrics with a purpose.

But the overall feel I've had so far is people have a good idea 
about D. They watch it, but don't really dig into it. In other 
words, we haven't bit them just yet. Perhaps a video might help?

For reference, by the end I had 12 people (including myself) 

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