std.reflection prototype

bitwise via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at
Mon Mar 30 14:13:48 PDT 2015

> On Linux and OSX, the build for just the unittest library would 
> generate an over 40MB executable. On Windows with Optlink 
> though, it was only 4MB, so perhaps there are optimizations 
> that could be made to reduce the size on OSX / Linux.

This sounds like a bug.. if it CAN be done with an executable 
size of 4MB, why would it not be so on OSX/Linux?

Also, i was reading through this pull request:

and yglukhov mentioned something about needing 5 minutes and 12GB 
or ram to build phobos with whatever they're talking about.

To be honest though, after reading the above pull-comments and 
this one below, I'm still confused about what they're trying to 

> Also, from what I can tell you generate a class for every 
> symbol. This could generate a significant amount of bloat as 
> well because it would generate further TypeInfo for each of 
> these classes. I could be wrong here, but if that's the case, 
> perhaps changing to structs would be a better choice if 
> possible?

You're right that I am creating a class per symbol, along with a 
bunch of other templates. It probably would be a good idea to try 
and eliminate the templates where possible. I'm not sure why you 
are suggesting structs instead of classes though.

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