D as System Language

Mike via Digitalmars-d digitalmars-d at puremagic.com
Mon Mar 30 17:27:47 PDT 2015

On Monday, 30 March 2015 at 15:32:25 UTC, Columbus wrote:

> I want to use D as the language of a hobby operating system.
> There isn't much documentation about doing so, and the question
> already got asked: "When D is a system language, why hasn't
> anyone made an OS in it yet?".
> So I ask it again, maybe a bit differently:
> "Is there usefull documentation about using D as OS language?"

There was an attempt to create an operating system in D, but it 
didn't end well.
Repository:  https://github.com/klamonte/cycle
Critique of D:  

That critique and my own frustrations trying to us D for 
bare-metal programming led to this thread: 

IMO, D is an efficient applications programming language with 
great potential for systems programming, but to reach that 
potential, a few changes need to be made to the compiler and the 
runtime.  However, the community's aversion to change, and bias 
towards other programming domains has made that highly unlikely 
and low priority.  I tried to move it forward, but found myself 
fighting the current.

I don't care for some of Rust's ML influence, but with their 
minimal runtime philosophy, libcore, and modular language 
features, they seemed to have put more thought into bare-metal 
and systems programming programming.  My heart is still with D, 


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